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Growth is good, but only if your organization is equipped to stay strong through significant change. That’s where
Avanta’s human resources consulting services can help, because once the job offer is accepted, you want to ensure your new hire is onboarded effectively and continues to contribute to your success for the long term.

We can help you develop forward-thinking strategies that build a winning workplace culture, and improve your employee retention. Our HR consulting services include:

Team Evaluation
Find out whether you have the right people in the right roles with our unique assessment tools. We can conduct a thorough audit of any team in any department within your organization and help you identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Structural Reboot
Maximize your productivity and profitability through talent re-organization. This can be very helpful during times of high growth when you need to restructure to maintain optimal efficiency.

Salary Optimization
Find out if your employees are being paid too much or too little and whether their compensation package is in line with industry standards. We can also show you how to use compensation and benefits to increase retention.

Workforce Planning
Save on recruiting and overtime costs by planning for workforce growth ahead of time. We can help stay ahead of the game by making sure you have the right people in place when you need them, and at the right price.

Help your new hires get up to speed and fit in with your workplace culture as quickly as possible so your team doesn’t miss a beat. Our onboarding services help ensure your new employees have everything they need to start contributing to your success right from the beginning, and that they’re in it for the long haul.

Performance Management
Establish a framework for ongoing employee performance reviews so your team knows exactly what’s expected at all times. By measuring employee success, you can help them feel good about their accomplishments as they strive toward specific goals.

Rewards and Recognition
Empower your team and help them focus on success with rewards and recognition programs that align with organizational goals. Rewards for specific performance outcomes can range from compensation programs to non-cash recognition programs.

Talent Development
Nurture your team from within and help them reach new heights in their roles, and for your company with our talent development consulting. This can include any combination of career development tools and processes, training and mentoring programs, and knowledge sharing throughout your organization to help your employees become better at what they do individually and as a team. Talent development can also strengthen your workplace culture, help you retain employees, and encourage innovative thinking.

Workplace Culture Reboot
A healthy workplace culture can help your organization attract and keep top talent and achieve greater success. We can help you evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and implement changes that create a positive organizational culture.

Management Change
A change in management can affect your entire team. Prepare them to endure and embrace these critical changes for a smooth transition with our help. We can guide you through the process and provide education and support to your employees.

To learn more about how Avanta’s HR Consulting insight can improve your success, contact us today.
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