Onboarding Can Help You Hire Quality Employees

Who Want to Stay & Fit Naturally Into Your Office

You’ve finished working with recruiters, conducted all interviews, and you’ve found the perfect new employee to add to your team. They’ve accepted the offer and they’re ready to start work, but that’s just the beginning.

As an HR consulting firm, we always tell clients that conducting a smooth onboarding process is essential not only for your new hire’s success, but your organization’s success as a whole. When done correctly, the onboarding process can improve employee performance and retention, and help you get the most from your new hire.

Here are some tips for successful onboarding:

Plan Ahead

Before the new hire’s first day on the job, ensure they know everything they need to know to navigate the new office environment, including details like dress code and who they report to. Prepare all paperwork they’ll need to complete on their first day, and any instruction manuals or guides that will help them learn about their new place of employment.

Take Your Time

A thorough onboarding process that gives your new employee enough time to learn and internalize everything will improve their chances for success. This could take anywhere from one week to several months depending on the kind of information they need to learn to do their job well and fit into the workplace culture.

Get Help

Assign a mentor or colleague to answer any questions the new hire might have about their job requirements or the company culture. Knowing where to direct questions as they arise can help the new hire avoid confusion and feel confident in their new surroundings.

Get Feedback

Check in with your new hire regularly to ensure the information is sticking. Could they use more help navigating their new job or workplace? Is everything going according to plan or are adjustments needed? This can also help you decide whether or not your onboarding process is effective or needs to be changed for future hires.

The process of recruiting and hiring takes time and money to complete. A thorough and effective onboarding process can help you protect this investment by ensuring a smooth transition for the new hire. Don’t throw them to the wolves and hope they can fend for themselves! Giving a helping hand and thorough guidance is essential not only for your new hire’s success, but your success, too.

If you need help with onboarding, Avanta Consulting offers onboarding assistance as part of our human resources consulting services (link to HR Consulting). To learn more, contact us today.
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